MIDNICE Gallery was established on 2013 located on Chokchai 4 soi 18 on Ladprao road, Bangkok with 170 square meter area and is a platform for young artists, a quite recent establishment mission is to encourage and support regular exhibitions of young emerging contemporary artists either Thai or international. According to the name and concept of gallery “Nice friends” that the word “mid” in Thai language means friends. Here, we can create a friendly environment where everyone can share and enjoy art together. The gallery mostly exhibit contemporary art with variation of creativity such as painting, photography, sculpture, video art & etc.. Apart from giving the gallery space for the new young artists to show off their works, The profits from art related activities and deductible art works sold are donated and run the “Give love to our children” project. Our goal for this project is to painting and improving landscape for back country school and to fill up color on the wall to put the smile to kid’s face.

          The most popular exhibition is Traditional Japanese art painting by the senior Japanese artists that be members of Soka-Kai Associate and the professors of Osaka University of Art. In the exhibition period, we gathered all the painting technique and knowledge sharing to experience to the audience including Japanese tea ceremony art and other cultures. We are open for any creativity and opportunity as told. Therefore, the street art is one that we gathered many street artists from Thailand and neighbor country and put their work together aim to disseminate and settle the argument between community and artist and we also help to co-operate for permission request approve by landlord and solve the conflict. For the highlight of street art exhibition is “Lost in connection” by Asin. The concept focuses on how we communicate in this world called social media and the purpose of the exhibition is to raise some questions in the audience’s mind. This is the prominent point of street art.

          On 2014-2015, we set up 2 art contests for children for free. A lot of art works around the country, from north to south of Thailand were sent to MIDNICE Gallery.  Both of art contests was the free space for expressing perspective in children’s thought and talking about problems that reflect form their art works compromise any mistake and conflict for children.

          MIDNICE Gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:30am to 8:30pm. Check out for a map and detailed directions to the gallery. Also, follow us on fb.midnicegallery to get a taste of what the art is on display. If you’re an artist who wants to collaborate, contact at midnicegallery@gmail.com

              Welcome to MIDNICE Gallery's space.

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