Foreword from the Art collector
"When you look at the works of Linz, the first thought you have is to classify it as childlike or naive representation of the reality. It's the first impression but when you look really on his recent watercolor works, you realize it's misleading.
      Take a close look and you will see his representation as a de-construction of the reality as defined by the french philosopher DERRIDA Jacques. What you see, is not the story you have on the paper, it's a two sided representation with what you like to see and what is the reality. All the societal issues of the pretended modern society are represented with Facebook as a paragon of real interpersonal relationship and consumerism as a religion. As in most of recent works, you see a representation and his deconstruction in different layers as a way to lead the spectator in his world. You will look beyond the first perception You may feel uncomfortable but it's the innovation brought by his works and we can recognize a new, original voice in the Chinese Art scene. His technic is mature and the color choice is inviting. Let you be seduced and you will have a work which will not fade away any time soon. Give him a chance to unfold his vision and to bring a new voice in the Art landscape;  I trust him a great development and recommend his work."
      - Robert Mercier, Art collector


Painting Exhibition by ZHI LIN
30 NOVEMBER 2013 - 31 JANUARY 2014


      "It’s not been easy to finally hold this exhibition in Thailand, but no matter how hard it is, it has just been another experience for me, and I have never evaded doing whatever I needed to do along the way through the years. I continue to express with my habitual ink painting, and the theme of “Onechild” in this exhibition, you may find the “child” inside of you that has long been lost. For those of you who originally from Thailand may not familiar with “Onechild”, this is the subject that I have been working on since 2007, and its emergence has special meaning to me as well as to some friends around me.
      The post-1980s generation in China, including myself, has always been a focus for mine. I have been observing their spiritual worlds, as well as to question what world we are living in now —— what we want to do in life; what our future should be like; what our dreams are about; what is politic; and most importantly, what is happiness? I think I have found my answers for these questions in the process of creating my paintings, music and my novel.
      The exhibition of “Onechild” reflects the stories of my growing up, and also shows the epitome of the Chinese post-1980s generation and their spirit symbols.
      Here, you can see my world and yours, happiness, sadness, craziness, ignorance, loss of love, successfulness, dreams, helplessness, etc. The stories of “Onechild” are genuinely telling everyone all about these, but there would no questions to answered, and we don’t need answers. I have opened a new page of life in this country that has true beliefs and the love for
colors, and I have started my new creation of art works in Thailand. Before long, you will get to know more about my paintings and music. Thank you for coming, and I hope you enjoy the thoughts that I would love to share with you in my art works."
      - LINZ ( Zhi Lin)