Painting Exhibition by ZHI LIN
7 JUNE - 5 JULY 2014


       "Well, let's compose a piece of poetry about how to chasing girls, men. How many of you guys ever think that the times of "Play boy" has gone? Or I just bring you guys a little bit dirty in my coming show? So my dear dick men, here we go.
       We all live under the pressure from society and face to varies of temptation. Hey men, should we call for living as a  "play boy"? Fucking "red apple" story coz' I am already out of breath for it. Have you ever try to peek hot girls occasionally  when you just beside your wife? I guess your eyes might be so laborious.
      I am sure my "play boy" show could resonates with you guys. Hey men, let's have fun with comforting each other while we of course can't get a forbidden fruit. And what's more, enjoy the feeling of fall for someone. All play boys attention please. I hope you could have a good time while you met your league here.
      Let's go back to the time when your dick is still free.I wanna share with all of you of my happiness with these paintings! And again, for all the damn red apple games! This show seems to be living behind. Aha, I am also the one of you guys who wanna try a red apple. So happy that I did something good to all families, all friends and the whole society with my paintings. Thanks all!"- LINZ

      "Dreams of the young lovers to find someone to love in someday inspired him to compose words as poetry.Sometimes heartbreaking is come before someone loved because the songs and the poems made him vulnerable. Bashfulness fear to express lead his body to be roughly. Life is goes on. young people pursuing love with hope that will find someone, someday.
      Linz' works conveys the same feelings to all of us.Not just young men, But the young girl also. I hope everyone will be successful in their pursuiting of identity and lovers, who love us and we love!" - Vasan Sitthiket