• SOUL PANOPTICON SOUL PANOPTICON JP Pemapsorn | 138 x 138 cm | Mixed media on canvas
  • LYRICS LYRICS JP Pemapsorn | 90 x 64 cm | Oil on paper
  • HEAVEN ... I AM IN HEAVEN. HEAVEN ... I AM IN HEAVEN. JP Pemapsorn | 64 x 90 cm | Oil on paper
  • I'VE GOT YOU ... UNDER MY SKIN. I'VE GOT YOU ... UNDER MY SKIN. JP Pemapsorn | 64 x 90 cm | Oil on Paper
  • HUNTER HUNTER JP Pemapsorn | 91 x 121 cm | Oil on paper
  • OCEANS OCEANS JP Pemapsorn | 90 x 65 cm | Oil on paper
  • FLOW WITH NATURE FLOW WITH NATURE JP Pemapsorn | 62 x 89 cm | Oil on paper
  • INSTINCT INSTINCT JP Pemapsorn | 53 x 73 cm | Oil on paper
  • QUESTION QUESTION JP Pemapsorn | 100 x 50 cm | Mixed media on canvas
  • ONCE UPON A TIME ... I CARED ... TOO MUCH ONCE UPON A TIME ... I CARED ... TOO MUCH JP Pemapsorn | 109 x 79 cm | Oil on canvas
  • BELIEVE BELIEVE JP Pemapsorn | 79 x 99 cm | Oil on canvas
  • HARVEST OF SORROW HARVEST OF SORROW JP Pemapsorn | 50 x 60 cm | Oil on canvas
  • ALL OF ME ALL OF ME JP Pemapsorn | 100 x 120 cm | Oil on canvas


Abstract & Portrait Painting Exhibition by JP Pemapsorn


     Represents the young face of Thailand's art scece demonstrating her ability to depict a state of her mind at it's moment. Emotional, energy and her ownpersonal style with unique techinuque fortified.
     “I paint all my feeling on canvas. Every piece of work is created by my heart and my soul.” 
     All  of  my  artworks  are  Abstract  Oil  painting.  For me, oil paintings have a tactile pleasure. Their pure colors have much more intensity of pigment and can express emotion and feeling. Also  abstract  style  is  representative  of  free  form  painting.  I feel like I am getting closer to my soul in every rhythm of my brush. My  abstract  paintings are related to personal emotion and feeling in specific of time. It’s like my diary to record  every  moment  of  my  life.  Plus,  the  contrasting  of  color  and  textures  can grab attention and pull emotional response from inside. It is like your true feeling inside your heart that you can reveal to people. The most important  thing  to  concern  before  painting is understand what I feel, what is inside my heart right now. Secondly, contrasting of color can give much more intensity of artwork and express true feeling. But cannot forget the breathing of painting, I am always give some  small  free space in my painting so it is not feel too hard, complicated and uncomfortable. Art make me happy, so when  people look at my art they should feel the same way I do. Art is the escape to freedom. And art also make me happy. I hope my art can make viewer happy to look at it. Each person has different point of view and imagination of what they see from my paintings  which is very
good because this show what is inside their heart and what they have been experienced in their life. -  JP Pemapsorn Kritsadacharoenpong